When buying or selling a Childcare Centre, consider the facts.

Childcare4sale has the very latest information on the childcare industry and sales from around Australia, with new information and listings weekly.  If you are an operator or investor planning to either buy or sell, speak to us first.  We have personal industry experience as well as extensive sales knowledge and skills.

Childcare4sale are specialist childcare sales brokers and advisors.  We are the only childcare sales specialists licenced in all states and territories, having completed hundreds of childcare and property transactions over the last since 2002.




When it’s time to buy or sell.

When you are ready, now or in the future. The best option is to start planning now. We can work through the process with you from start to finish, whether buying or selling, preparing you to optimise you’re results. Our specialised skill sets mean you get a wealth of industry knowledge and negotiating skills when working with Lincoln and Andrew.  Benchmark childcare4sale have offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. This wide exposure allows us to capture buyers and sellers and assisting you professionally and confidentially in your search for the optimum childcare experience.



What is so special about our Advisors?

One of the strengths of Childcare4sale is the fact that our Advisor/Brokers have been personally involved in the operation of childcare businesses. We know what it is really means to work within this industry, the day to day trials and tribulations as well as the satisfaction of knowing you provide positive meaningful experiences for children and their families. Childcare is special, our goal is to give you a first class sales experience.



Childcare Solutions.

Our team have for years experienced the various cycles both industry specific as well as the wider economy. This experience includes knowledge of centre ownership, management operations, valuation, sales and outside economic factors . Our role is to offer you solutions, whether you’re a first time owner/investor or an experience operator/investor. Childcare 4sale will tailor your project to help you save time, money and effort.




We consistently sell more centres nationally than our competitors.

Lincoln Bridge has formed strong professional relationships with Valuers, Lenders and Management companies Australia wide.

We are members of Australian Childcare Alliance QLD (ACA QLD), Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) and REI.



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